Best Drywall Tools for Your Next Project

drywall tools

Having the right drywall tools can make all the difference for any drywall project. From screw guns and hole saws to sanders and banjos, there are a variety of tools that any drywaller should have on hand when it comes to drywall installation. Knowing which tools work best for different jobs is essential to get your project done quickly and

5 Tips for Tear Away Bead Drywall Install

tear away bead drywall

Tear away bead drywall trim is a taping product used for creating clean edges at exposed drywall edges. It’s an important part of ensuring the taping job looks professional, as it provides a crisp line on the corner of walls where drywall ends and another dissimilar material begins. Where to Use Drywall Tear Away Bead Drywall tear away bead provides

When Was Drywall Invented? (History of Drywall)

who invented drywall

Construction industry professionals can tell you they’ve been asked, when was drywall invented? But does anyone really know the real answer? Drywall is a versatile building material used with increasing popularity over the last century. But what’s the story behind drywall? And who invented the building material that’s now used in virtually every structure built around the entire world? When

Fire Tape Drywall Basics

fire tape drywall sheetrock

What is Fire Tape Drywall?  Drywall fire tape is a level of taping to maintain and create a firewall between two spaces. It’s designed to resist fire and heat damage due to its non-combustible fiberglass mesh or drywall tape applied to the joints of drywall with joint compound. Fire tape also provides superior sealing, helping to ensure fire walls are

What Type of Basement Drywall Should I Use?

basement drywall

If you’re planning to hang drywall in your basement, moisture and mold resistance should be at the top of your list when selecting the right type. There are several other considerations beyond the type of drywall. Don’t forget about the thickness and how you will get the material into the basement. Stud and joist spacing and local codes will also

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