Green board, Water-Resistant Drywall, and Staying Mold Free

green board

It’s nice to know there’s green board drywall available that offers protection from high moisture and humidity and is just as easy to install as regular drywall. Green board is the answer for areas in your home that need a little extra protection from moisture. While it’s not waterproof, green board is moisture resistant and can be the perfect option

Best Sheetrock and Drywall Screws – What Should I Use?


Sheetrock screws, also known as drywall screws, are the industry standard for fastening drywall sheets to ceiling joists or wall studs. Between the threads, lengths, numbers, gauges, heads, and points, deciphering what type of drywall screws to use may seem impossible.  Basics of Drywall and Sheetrock Screws In reality, the wide array of sheetrock screws available for purchase can be

Repair Drywall Screw Pops (A Simple Guide for a Quick Fix)

how to fix drywall screw pops

You might be moving into a new house, and notice a drywall screw pop on the wall. Or, the old house you’ve lived in for 40 years might have a fresh screw pop you’ve just noticed last week. It’s no time to panic. Drywall screw pops can be easily repaired, but first, it’s important to understand why they occur. What

How To Use Drywall Anchors (and the Best Top Rated Anchors)

drywall anchors

Should I use drywall anchors? Hanging items on a wall built with drywall can be a puzzling task. It’s easy to angle a nail into the wall with a few taps of the hammer and take your chances, but you know deep down that’s not the way it works. Drywall is made from compressed gypsum, and can easily crack apart

What Type of Basement Drywall Should I Use? Quick Guide

basement drywall

If you’re planning to hang drywall in your basement, moisture and mold resistance should be at the top of your list when selecting the right type. There are several other considerations beyond the type of drywall. Don’t forget about the thickness and how you will get the material into the basement. Stud and joist spacing and local codes will also

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