Why Are My Drywall Seams Cracking? (And What to Do About it)

drywall seams cracking

The two most common causes of drywall seams cracking are inadequate support behind the drywall and improper taping. We’re going to dive into those two pesky reasons for drywall cracks, and how to fix them. And a whole lot more. Unfortunately, you’ll never know exactly why your drywall seams are cracking until you cut into the wall and see for

Fire Tape Drywall – Do You Know What You Are Talking About?

fire tape drywall sheetrock

The term “fire tape” is thrown around a lot. Commercial construction, residential construction, doesn’t matter. Fire-tape is a drywall buzzword that just rolls off the tongue. But many don’t truly understand what the term “fire tape” actually means. They assume when you add fire-tape to drywall joints, the wall becomes “fireproof.” Not the Case. Fire tape is just one component

Level 5 Drywall Finish, What You Need to Know

level 5 drywall finish

What is a level 5 drywall finish? Most people in the construction industry know that there are 6 levels of drywall finish, ranked from 0 to 5. But do you really understand the details of each drywall finish level? Let’s start by explaining the level of drywall finish refers to the quality of the wall surface that will receive paint

Drywall Mesh Tape Vs Paper Tape (Which is Better?)

drywall mesh tape vs paper tape

When it comes to drywall finishing, you have a decision to make, drywall mesh tape Vs paper tape. But which type is better? Drywall tape has advantages, but is mesh tape the answer to your taping headaches? Let’s get into it. When Should I Use Paper Vs Mesh Drywall Tape?  I’m going to make the case for why paper drywall

How Do You Prepare and Prime Drywall For Painting?

how to prime drywall for paint

Do you really need to prime drywall before painting? And if drywall primer is absolutely necessary, how do I do it? It looks like you have an important painting project coming up, and you want it to turn out nice. So let me help you out with your concerns about priming drywall. Let’s take it one step at a time.

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