Why Are My Drywall Seams Cracking? (And What to Do About it)

drywall seams cracking

The most common cause of drywall seams cracking is inadequate support or improper taping. When installing drywall, sheets must be properly secured with drywall screws, and drywall mud should be applied evenly over the seams. Additionally, use mesh tape to reinforce the drywall joints. If you don’t take these steps, the drywall will be more susceptible to cracking. Other causes

Drywall Mesh Tape Vs Paper Tape (Which is Better?)

drywall mesh tape vs paper tape

When it comes to drywall finishing, you have a decision to make, drywall mesh tape Vs paper tape. But which type is better? It all boils down to what you need and the details of your project. Paper tape is a thin paper material, usually reinforced with fibers. It’s traditionally used for butt joints, where two ends of drywall meet.

What is the Screw Pattern for Drywall?

drywall screw spacing

Knowing how to install drywall, how many screws to use, and the spacing of the screw pattern into wall studs will help ensure a smooth and successful project. Depending on local building codes, and the exact application, the screw pattern for drywall varies. Knowing the differences and what conditions require certain drywall screw patterns is important to get the job

Repair Drywall Screw Pops (A Simple Guide)

You might be moving into a new house, and notice a drywall screw pop on the wall. Or, the old house you’ve lived in for 40 years might have a fresh screw pop you’ve just noticed last week. It’s no time to panic. Drywall screw pops can be easily repaired, but first, it’s important to understand why they occur. What

Orange Peel Texture Guide (Updated 2023)

orange peel texture

Orange peel texture is a drywall texture sprayed on walls and ceilings to create a surface that is dimpled like the skin of an orange and smooth to the touch. Sometimes referred to as “eggshell” or “splatter” texture, orange peel is usually applied to interior drywall walls and ceilings. Interior walls and ceilings feature four common types of texture. Orange

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