Fast Drying Joint Compound, Choosing the Right Drywall Mud

If you’re planning a drywall project, chances are you’ve had to do some research on fast drying joint compound. While you may understand what drywall mud does, you might not understand why there are so many choices. Not only that, but what’s the difference between the products? Let’s clarify what each joint compound is and when to use them. What

Structural Steel Studs and Wood Studs

Structural steel studs have invaluable uses in commercial and residential construction projects. However, the variety of thicknesses, flange sizes, and types of steel can make it hard to tell which type of steel studs should be used for which purpose. And are steel studs better than wood studs? Let’s clear up some of the confusion around the general term “steel”

What is 6 Mil Vapor Barrier?

6 Mil vapor barrier is one of the least appreciated, less recognized building components. A quick Google search will give you a dozen options from barrier thicknesses to materials. While the most common vapor barrier thickness is 6 mil, it’s wise to know your options when it comes to vapor barriers and vapor retarders. What is a Vapor Barrier? A

Sheetrock Lift for simple drywall work

A sheetrock lift can make a seemingly difficult drywall project simple. The ease of use, durability, and safety features of a sheetrock lift make it one of the most valuable tools you can have on a construction job. What is a Sheetrock Lift? A sheetrock lift, also known as a drywall lift, drywall hoist, or sheetrock jack, is a piece

Drywall Corner Bead Options

Whether you are running to Home Depot to grab two sticks of drywall corner bead for the weekend project or if you’re ordering 15,000 lineal feet for the next hospital project you have coming up, it’s essential to understand your options. For a large commercial project, making a few key decisions early on could potentially save your crews hundreds of

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