Know your Bulletproof and Ballistic Drywall – and Where to Use It

ballistic drywall

Bulletproof and ballistic drywall can seem like a confusing topic until you understand a few basic concepts. Homeowners create safe rooms while businesses, retail stores, government agencies, and schools install ballistic wall panels to provide protection and peace of mind. Bullet Proof and Ballistic Drywall There are many things to know about ballistic drywall even before your construction project begins.

Drywall Corner Bead Options, Which Should I Choose?

drywall corner bead

Maybe you are running to Home Depot to grab two sticks of drywall corner bead for the weekend project. Or you might be ordering 15,000 lineal feet for the next hospital project you have coming up. Big project or small, it’s essential to understand your drywall corner bead options. For a large commercial project, making a few key decisions early

Drywall Stilts For Everyone, One of Our Greatest Inventions

drywall stilts

Drywall stilts remain one of the greatest inventions in the history of the world. Do you disagree with that statement? Then you’ve never used drywall stilts. If you have used stilts, you understand them to be one of your prized possessions. Anyone who’s tried to complete a drywall taping job without stilts will never make that mistake again. In drywall,

Weep Screed Basics for Your Next Project, Why Do I Need It?

weep screed

What Is a Weep Screed? A weep screed is a piece of metal flashing fastened just below the bottom sill plate of an exterior stucco wall. It’s perforated with small holes to pull moisture away from the bottom of the walls below the foundation plate line to prevent water damage. How Does a Weep Screed Work? A weep screed is

A Guide to Soundproof Drywall – What Are My Options?

soundproof drywall

You might be wondering if soundproof drywall really works, what the best products are for soundproofing, and how to install them. The quick answer is yes, soundproof drywall really works to block sound waves from transferring through an adjacent room. And there are several additional products to complement soundproof drywall, like green glue and resilient channel, to boost STC rating

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