Best Sandpaper for Drywall, (And the best electric drywall sander)

best sandpaper for drywall

What’s the best sandpaper for drywall? Do you have a drywall project coming up, but need to learn about the many varieties of sandpaper first? And what are my options for drywall sanding tools? Not only can I tell you all about sandpaper, but I can also show you the easiest, fastest, cleanest, and nearly dust-free method to sand drywall.

IMP Walls, Your Guide to Insulated Metal Panels

insulated metal panels

While insulated metal panels and IMP walls have existed for almost a century, the product started to gain traction in the 1970s. Now, insulated metal panels have never been more popular for both interior and exterior wall partitions. Fast-forward to the 21st century, when reducing greenhouse gas emissions has become a worldwide priority, and construction speed and building maintenance costs

Fast Drying Joint Compound, Choosing the Right Drywall Mud

fast drying joint compound

If you’re planning a drywall project, chances are you’ve had to do some research on fast drying joint compound. While you may understand what drywall mud does, you might not understand why there are so many choices. Not only that, but what’s the difference between the products? Let’s clarify what each joint compound is and when to use them. What

DensShield Tile Backer – Why It’s the Best Option to Fight Moisture

densshield tile backer

DensShield tile backer board is one of the most versatile drywall products you can find. Introduced in 1988, it was the first backer board with a built-in moisture barrier. DensShield was originally designed as a substrate for interior floor, wall, and countertop tile applications. But its performance in high humidity and wet areas sets it apart. What is DensShield Tile

What is 6 Mil Vapor Barrier? A Simple Guide to Poly

6 mil vapor barrier

6 Mil vapor barrier is one of the least appreciated, less recognized building components. A quick Google search will give you a dozen options from barrier thicknesses to materials. While the most common vapor barrier thickness is 6 mil, it’s wise to know your options when it comes to vapor barriers and vapor retarders. What is a Vapor Barrier? A

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