Drywall Basics

Top 10 Things to Look for During a Pre-Drywall Inspection

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RankWhat to Look ForDrywall Checklist
1.Inspections Complete Before hanging drywall, you will need all the proper inspections required by your city, county, state, or governing construction authority.
2Plumbing SystemDuring the pre-drywall inspection, examine the plumbing system. It's your last chance to access plumbing without expensive drywall rework. Take advantage of this time, even after plumbing inspections have passed, take a second, and third look, before hanging drywall.
3HVAC SystemA pre-drywall inspection should also include a close look at the HVAC. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is a critical building system, and should be tested and inspected before hanging drywall.
4Electrical IssuesTearing out drywall to fix electrical wiring is demoralizing, expensive, and time consuming. You may have passed your electrical inspection, but have your electrician double-check all wiring before hanging drywall.
5InsulationHere's a great time to inspect proper insulation coverage. Before drywall is hung, be sure all voids are filled, and exterior walls are sealed for a proper thermal barrier.
6Roof Before hanging drywall on the underside of trusses, now is your chance to inspect your roof. Look for drips, holes, improper waterproofing install, and roof truss bracing.
7Wall FramingYou must pass a framing inspection before you can hang drywall, but check for backing at the corners of rooms so you can securely attach your drywall without delay. It's also a perfect time to look for twisted and bowed studs that should be replaced before hanging drywall.
8Windows Before hanging drywall, open each window and door to ensure proper operation. Look around the perimeter for a tight seal and insulation.
9Confirm ADA RoomsIf you have ADA requirements, now is the time to double-check dimensions and re-frame any walls that might be incorrectly built. It's always easier to change framing before drywall is on the wall and ceiling.
10Confirm Load Bearing PointsLoad bearing points should be transferred down to the foundation, and this is your last chance to confirm all required blocking is in place. If the framing inspector misses any of these blocking points, you will want to verify and add blocking so your structure is sound.

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