What is the Screw Pattern for Drywall? And Why It’s Important

drywall screw spacing

Knowing how to install drywall, how many screws to use, and the spacing of the screw pattern into wall studs will help ensure a smooth and successful project. Depending on local building codes, and the exact application, the screw pattern for drywall varies. Knowing the differences and what conditions require certain drywall screw patterns is important to get the job

What is Hat Channel? The Unsung Hero of Metal Framing

drywall hat channel

Hat channel is a hat-shaped framing member used when furring concrete, masonry walls, and ceilings. It provides a non-combustible solution for leveling uneven surfaces and comes in a variety of depths, gauges, and widths. Hat Channel – How Can I Use It?  In commercial construction, hat channels are commonly used as a framing component in furred wall and ceiling assemblies.

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