What is Hat Channel? The Unsung Hero of Metal Framing

drywall hat channel

Hat channel is a hat-shaped framing member used when furring concrete, masonry walls, and ceilings. It provides a non-combustible solution for leveling uneven surfaces and comes in a variety of depths, gauges, and widths. Hat Channel – How Can I Use It?  In commercial construction, hat channels are commonly used as a framing component in furred wall and ceiling assemblies.

How Much Drywall Do I Need? (Drywall Estimating in 2024)

how much drywall do i need

Drywall estimating is simple with just a few basic concepts. If you’re a homeowner working on a DIY repair, or an estimator working on a large commercial project, figuring out how much drywall you need is the critical first step. In the construction world, you need to complete a quantity takeoff to calculate how much drywall you need for a

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