How Much Does a 5/8” Sheet of Drywall Weigh?

5 8 drywall weight

So, how much does a 5/8” sheet of drywall weigh? A 5/8 inch thick sheet of drywall typically weighs around 52 to 56 pounds. The weight can vary slightly depending on the brand and type of drywall. Drywall is a building material used for the construction of walls and ceilings. It is made of a gypsum core that is sandwiched

What is the Screw Pattern for Drywall?

drywall screw spacing

Knowing how to install drywall, how many screws to use, and the spacing of the screw pattern into wall studs will help ensure a smooth and successful project. Depending on local building codes, and the exact application, the screw pattern for drywall varies. Knowing the differences and what conditions require certain drywall screw patterns is important to get the job

What’s the Deck Height?

whats the deck height

For thousands of years, civilizations have been constructing buildings of various shapes and sizes. All throughout history, nearly every building ever built was first imagined on some sort of blueprint by an architect. The earliest written work on the subject of architecture is titled, “De architectura” by the Roman architect Vitruvius, sometime early in the first century AD. What is

What is a Demising Wall? (2023)

demising wall

A demising wall is a partition that separates one tenant space from another. Why is a demising wall important? Because it usually separates adjacent properties or real estate entities from each other and establishes limits between one property and another. Many Names for a Demising Wall There are many different names for a demising wall. Some call them a separation

Orange Peel Texture Guide (Updated 2023)

orange peel texture

Orange peel texture is a drywall texture sprayed on walls and ceilings to create a surface that is dimpled like the skin of an orange and smooth to the touch. Sometimes referred to as “eggshell” or “splatter” texture, orange peel is usually applied to interior drywall walls and ceilings. Interior walls and ceilings feature four common types of texture. Orange

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