What is Skip Trowel Texture? How to Apply It With Ease

what is skip trowel texture

Skip trowel texture is a type of wall and ceiling finish often used in residential and commercial buildings. It is created by applying a thin layer of joint compound to the surface of the wall and then running a trowel over it in a skipping motion. This produces a textured finish that can be left as is or painted over.

Pre-Rock Drywall Basics, A Simple Guide for Smart Planning

pre rock drywall

While pre-rock drywall may not be something you’re familiar with, it’s an important technical innovation with several benefits in the commercial drywall and construction industry.  Traditionally, gypsum panels are installed after the roofing material is in place and the windows are installed. This creates a dry building to begin installing drywall and then the remaining finishes, without water from a

Structural Steel Studs and Wood Studs, Compare and Contrast

steel studs wood studs

Structural steel studs have invaluable uses in commercial and residential construction projects. However, the variety of thicknesses, flange sizes, and types of steel can make it hard to tell which type of steel studs should be used for which purpose. And are steel studs better than wood studs? Let’s clear up some of the confusion around the general term “steel”

Sheetrock Vs Drywall – What’s the Big Difference?

Sheetrock vs. drywall

Is Sheetrock the same as drywall? There’s an easy answer to the Sheetrock vs drywall question, along with a fascinating history. Whether you’re a construction professional who’s been in the building game for years or someone looking to do their first home renovation, you’ve probably heard the terms “drywall” and “sheetrock”, but what’s the difference? What’s the Difference Between Sheetrock

Sheetrock Lift for Simple Drywall Work, Thinking Smarter

sheetrock lift

A sheetrock lift can make a seemingly difficult drywall project simple. The ease of use, durability, and safety features of a sheetrock lift make it one of the most valuable tools you can have on a construction job. What is a Sheetrock Lift? A sheetrock lift, also known as a drywall lift, drywall hoist, or sheetrock jack, is a piece

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