What Type of Basement Drywall Should I Use?

basement drywall

If you’re planning to hang drywall in your basement, moisture and mold resistance should be at the top of your list when selecting the right type. There are several other considerations beyond the type of drywall. Don’t forget about the thickness and how you will get the material into the basement. Stud and joist spacing and local codes will also

What is Skip Trowel Texture?

Skip trowel texture is a type of wall finish that is often used in residential and commercial buildings. It is created by applying a thin layer of joint compound to the surface of the wall and then running a trowel over it in a skipping motion. This produces a textured finish that can be left as is or painted over.

DensShield Tile Backer For Your Next Project

densshield tile backer

DensShield tile backer board is one of the most versatile drywall products you can find. Introduced in 1988, it was the first backer board with a built-in moisture barrier. DensShield was originally designed as a substrate for interior floor, wall, and countertop tile applications. But its performance in high humidity and wet areas sets it apart. What is DensShield Tile

What is 6 Mil Vapor Barrier?

6 mil vapor barrier

6 Mil vapor barrier is one of the least appreciated, less recognized building components. A quick Google search will give you a dozen options from barrier thicknesses to materials. While the most common vapor barrier thickness is 6 mil, it’s wise to know your options when it comes to vapor barriers and vapor retarders. What is a Vapor Barrier? A

Sheetrock Vs Drywall: The Guide to Gypsum Panels

Sheetrock vs. drywall

Is Sheetrock the same as drywall? There’s an easy answer to the Sheetrock vs drywall question, along with a fascinating history. Whether you’re a construction professional who’s been in the building game for years or someone looking to do their first home renovation, you’ve probably heard the terms “drywall” and “sheetrock”, but what’s the difference? What’s the Difference Between Sheetrock

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