Fire Tape Drywall Basics

What is Fire Tape Drywall? 

Drywall fire tape is a level of taping to maintain and create a firewall between two spaces. It’s designed to resist fire and heat damage due to its non-combustible fiberglass mesh or drywall tape applied to the joints of drywall with joint compound.

Fire tape also provides superior sealing, helping to ensure fire walls are correctly constructed and kept airtight while serving as the first step in taping a finished wall that’s ready for paint.

When drywall fire tape is applied correctly, it can help provide greater protection from the spread of fire and smoke within the home or building.

When constructing drywall walls, fire tape should be used to ensure that the drywall meets safety codes for fire resistance.

It’s an important element in firewall construction and should not be overlooked when installing drywall.

Why Do Walls Need Fire Tape?

Fire tape is an essential fire protection measure for drywall walls and partition assemblies. It consists of a fire-rated material that helps keep gypsum board firewalls intact in the event of a fire.

Fire Tape is part of a wall assembly providing one or two-hour fire resistance, making it an essential tool for protecting people and property from harm in the case of a fire.

Fire Tape is usually applied to edges, joints, and penetrations of drywall at fire-rated walls.

With fire tape and joint compound, you can be sure that your firewalls meet building code standards and will remain intact in the case of a fire, providing invaluable protection from fire damage.

How To Use Fire Tape Mudless Drywall Joint Tape

There’s a simple solution for fire tape that’s an easy mudless application to creating firestop joints. It’s made with high-tack adhesive, making it easy to install without requiring additional materials such as joint compound or mesh tape.

This makes it ideal for those who want a quick and easy way to create professional-looking drywall joints.

Cut the tape to length and press it into place over the joint. The high-tack adhesive will hold firmly in place and provide a fire-resistant seal.

The easy-to-use design also makes it easy to apply, as there’s no need for special taping or power tools.

In addition, Fire Tape Mudless Drywall Joint Tape is designed to last for years and will not shrink or pull away from the surface as traditional tapes can.

It’s also easy to remove if needed, making it easy to repair any mistakes that may occur during installation.

Here’s a quick video on how to apply mesh fire tape.

How To Apply Drywall Fire Tape in Corners

When drywalling inside corners, drywall paper or mesh tape is essential for creating a smooth finish. The drywall tape will help to close any gaps between the sheetrock.

To apply drywall tape correctly in an inside corner, start by cutting a piece of the drywall tape long enough to cover the entire length of the corner. Leave a few inches of drywall tape extending beyond the corner bead at either end.

Next, place the drywall tape onto the drywall with one edge overlapping the corner bead.

The drywall tape should be centered in the corner to cover half of each side of the drywall. Smooth out any air bubbles or creases, so the drywall tape lays flat against the drywall.

Finally, press down on the drywall tape with a drywall knife to embed it into the corner bead and drywall. Once you’ve applied enough pressure with the taping knife, fold back the excess drywall tape at either end of the corner.

These steps ensure that drywall tape is properly applied inside corners and provides a smooth, seamless finish.

fire tape

What Is E-Z Taping System? 

The E-Z Taping System is a sheetrock taping and finishing system that provides an easier, faster way to finish sheetrock.

It eliminates the need for hand taping and mudding, making sheetrock installation much faster, less time-consuming, and requiring fewer supplies.

These sheetrock taping products create a strong bond between the sheetrock and sheetrock tape, resulting in fewer cracks and a smoother sheetrock finish.

The E-Z Taping System also offers sheetrock finishing products such as spackling, sanding, and other sheetrock finishing materials to make sheetrock installation and sheetrock finishing more effortless than ever.

E-Z Taping System

What is Flame Fighter Drywall?

Flame Fighter Drywall is a fire-resistant drywall solution that can help protect homes and businesses from the dangers of fires.

This innovative product is entirely mudless, making the fire tape application mess-free. The fire-resistant wall system protects against heat, flames, and smoke.

Flame Fighter Drywall is a cost-effective solution to ensuring your building is safe from the dangers of fire, providing an added level of safety and peace of mind that can help you sleep better at night.

Plus, it’s easy to install and maintain. With Flame Fighter Drywall, you can be sure that your home or business is as safe as possible during a fire.

What is Fibatape?

Fibatape is fire rated drywall tape used for joints in walls and ceilings. It is designed specifically for fire safety purposes, blocking the spread of fire and smoke before they can cause damage or injury.

It is also fire, water, and mold resistant, making it an ideal choice for firestopping applications. Fibatape is easy to install, cost-effective and safe to use in residential buildings as well as commercial structures.

It makes a perfect solution for fire protection in any building. With Fibatape, you can create fire-rated joints that meet fire safety standards.


Self Adhesive Fire Tape

Self adhesive drywall fire tape is an excellent alternative to paper drywall tape for taping drywall joints.

The self-adhesive backing makes for faster installation time over conventional taping methods while providing the same protection level.

It’s also more cost-effective and can be used in many different drywall applications.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to protect your drywall joints, self-adhesive drywall fire tape is the way to go. Plus, it’s an affordable solution that won’t break the bank.

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