5 Tips for Simple Tear Away Bead Drywall Install – A How To Guide

Tear away bead drywall trim is a taping product used for creating clean edges at exposed drywall edges.

It’s an important part of ensuring the taping job looks professional, as it provides a crisp line on the corner of walls where drywall ends and another dissimilar material begins.

Where to Use Drywall Tear Away Bead

Drywall tear away bead provides an easy way to get professional-looking results when taping corners of your walls. To use:

  1. Apply the tear-away bead with spray-on adhesive along the drywall corner and apply the tear away bead.
  2. Apply joint compound over the flange.
  3. After taping is complete, use a utility knife to tear off the flange – leaving a clean edge that looks great.

Using drywall tear away bead is an easy way to get professional-looking results when taping exposed drywall edges.

tear away bead

How to Install Drywall Tear Away Bead

Once the drywall has been installed, the next step is to install a tear away bead. Sometimes referred to as zip bead, this type of trim helps create a neat, finished edge. Here’s how to do it:

1. Measure the wall you are working with. Cut your tear away bead to size.

2. Apply a thin layer of spray-on adhesive to the backside of the bead and the corner of the drywall. Press the bead firmly against the drywall surface. Make sure that it is flush with the wall and that there are no gaps between the two. You don’t need fasteners if you use the spray adhesive properly.

3. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before proceeding with further steps. This will ensure a secure hold and prevent your trim from coming loose while taping.

4. Apply a thin layer of lightweight joint compound along the length of your tear away bead. This will help create a smooth, professional-looking finish.

5. With a protective mask, lightly sand after the drywall mud has dried.

3M Corner Bead Spray Adhesive
3M Corner Bead Spray Adhesive

Trim-Tex Tear Away L Bead

Trim-Tex drywall tear away L bead is an excellent drywall finishing solution for those looking to achieve a smooth edge at the edge of their drywall.

The product acts as a guide for drywall finishing and eliminates the need for sanding after taping and mudding.

Trim-Tex was established in 1969 by Joseph Koening, manufacturing vinyl drywall products.

L bead also helps reduce materials wastage due to its easy installation process, as drywall tape and mud are only required at the edge of the bead, creating a crisp, clean edge with minimal effort.

With Trim-Tex drywall tear away L bead, you can rest assured that the corner of your drywall will look professional and neat.

tear away bead drywall
Tear Away Drywall Bead

Trim-Tex Tear Away J Bead

Trim-Tex drywall tear away J bead is a great way to finish the edge of the drywall. It’s designed for spray adhesive and a tear-off strip that protects the gypsum board edge.

The tear off strip is easy to remove once the drywall edge has been finished. The J bead also ensures a neat, clean edge finish and protects from moisture, dust, and dirt.

It’s an ideal solution for any gypsum board edge finishes.

What Is Tear Away Corner Bead? 

Drywall tear away corner bead is one of the most popular drywall products used in construction. It features a flange made from PVC plastic and is designed to provide a clean, finished look while protecting drywall corners from damage.

This drywall product easily creates a professional look that can be achieved with minimal effort.

Its unique design also makes it easy to install, as the mud leg can easily be fastened to drywall before drywall mud is applied. Then “tear away” the flange once the drywall compound is dry.

Drywall tear away bead is an edge protection product used to finish a drywall edge. The main quality of this product is its flat tear-away edge, which makes it easy to install and remove.

It has several key features that make it an excellent choice for many applications.

With its many advantages, vinyl drywall tear away bead is an excellent choice for drywall edge protection.

Another benefit is that vinyl corner beads can be inserted into the edge of the drywall, creating a solid edge that prevents the exposed drywall edge from crumbling apart.

This durable and long-lasting product makes it well worth the investment.

drywall tear away bead
Tear Away Bead

What Is Drywall Edge Trim? 

Installing drywall edge trim helps to create a neat, finished look and prevents taping knives from cutting into adjacent surfaces. Drywall edge trim is made with various building materials, such as aluminum or vinyl.

To install it correctly on a home improvement DIY project, you will need to measure and cut the trim to the correct size and apply it exactly where you want it.

Once installed, begin taping the seams and applying compound with a taping knife. Installing drywall edge trim is an easy way to give your project a professional finish.

Taping Around Drywall Tear Away Bead

Once you bed the tear away bead, you’ll need to tape the joint.

Start by pressing a strip of drywall tape into the corner, covering it completely, and extending the tape around either side of the bead about half an inch.

Use mesh or paper-backed tape, depending on preference; both will work for this project. Next, apply a thin layer of drywall joint compound over the tape.

Try to feather the edges as you go so that no lines or ridges are visible.

Smooth out any extra compound with a wallboard knife or putty blade, and let it dry overnight.

The next day, remove all excess joint compound and add another coat of thinner joint compound, again feathering the edges. Let that coat dry overnight as well.

For the final step, sand out any imperfections with a fine-grit sandpaper.

With patience and attention to detail, you can get professional-looking results on your drywall finishing project, even when using tear-away bead.

Vinyl Tear Away Bead by Clark Dietrich
Vinyl Tear Away Bead by Clark Dietrich

How Many Coats of Mud for Drywall Tear Away Bead?

When covering drywall tear away bead, you should apply at least two coats of mud. The first coat should apply a thin layer and then lightly sanded with 220-grit sandpaper for a smooth finish.

After this, the second coat should go on thick enough to cover any imperfections or gaps left by the first coat.

You may need to apply additional coats if the drywall is particularly damaged or old. Once you have applied all your coats, sand lightly with a finer grit sandpaper, and it’s ready for painting.

USG Plus 3 Joint Compound
USG Plus 3 Joint Compound

What Is Super Seal Tear Away L Bead? 

Super Seal tear away l bead is a highly advanced, high-performance product that provides excellent sealing capabilities for commercial and residential windows, doors, and areas where drywall meets concrete.

This product features an innovative interlocking design with a flexible bubble gasket, which reduces sound transmission and can replace the need for acoustical caulk.

The gasket also prevents drywall cracks by reducing building movement stress.

The unique tear-away design makes it easy to install and provides a clean, finished look that will last for years.

What is Drywall Shadow Bead? 

Drywall shadow bead provides a decorative finish that gives walls and ceilings a professional appearance.

Drywall shadow bead is a vinyl trim and comes in various sizes and shapes.

It’s installed with staples or adhesive along the outer edge of the drywall and is used to create a shadow line, which adds depth and interest to the walls and ceilings. 

Tear-Away Drywall Shadow Bead
Tear-Away Drywall Shadow Bead

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